The Reports of Our Leaving Are Now A Bit Premature…

Just Because has a new announcement to make…

Due to circumstances which have recently changed, we will no longer be leaving on 23 June and Lucie and Katie at Fox & Rae Skin and Beauty Clinic will no longer be moving to Sea Road, East Preston.

We know many of you have asked us already as to why we were moving and this remains the same. Unfortunately, Richard’s mother is terminally ill and the main reason we are wanting to relocate was for us both to sort out care and accommodation for her in her remaining days and also to take on the primary caring role for Richard’s father, who was previously looked after by Richard’s mother.

Whilst we do not wish to go into the exact details of what has happened, we know we will be asked many times so to save repeated explanations, we will give you a brief rundown:

Fox & Rae approached us, completely unsolicited and out of the blue and since they work with our next door business neighbour frequently, they asked us if we would be interested in transferring our lease to them with zero payment for our existing business (as you’d expect), With Richard’s parents’ care needs, this was given serious consideration. After many emails, telephone calls and in shop visits, we agreed to a transfer.

As far as we were concerned, Fox & Rae were due to move in on 23rd June, 2023. They were requiring new double glazed and flush fronted windows to be installed. We had initially been asked by our landlord to pay for this cost, which would be between £4000-5000, which our landlord gave us the option of taking the cost out of our deposit. This was absolutely refused by us and everything seemed fine again as the cost would be covered elsewhere. Later on, we were asked to pay money again and this time, it was the landlord’s solicitor’s cost of £1750+VAT for Fox & Rae taking on our exiting lease. Whilst all of this was going on, Richard had been spending much of his time making and receiving calls and other communications whilst he was at St Barnabas House and it has taken a great toll on him. Despite attempts at coming to an agreement, which included conceding to paying the solicitor’s fee, Fox & Rae have pulled out of the transaction.

So moving forward, we are taking some time to consider our options and where we will take our business.

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