At Just Because... we are able to create the perfect balloon display using coloured latex balloons, printed or plain foil balloons, shaped foil balloons or personalised foil balloons to suit any requirements. You may just require a single balloon as a gift or a whole heap of balloons to fill a home or venue, however big or small (keeping in mind your budget) we are here to help and we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and finishing touches.

Table & Floor Displays | Personalised Balloons | Columns & Table Centrepieces
Air-Filled Displays & Sculpture | Arches & Organic Garlands | Balloon Stuffers & Poppers

Floor and Table Displays

Floor displays are a wonderful way of displaying large balloons or many smaller balloons. Whether it be a large super shape balloon or cascading balloons, you will find the floor displays the best way to show your balloons with vertical space to spare.

Table Displays are the best way of displaying balloons with limited vertical space. They do not hit the ceiling, but they do give you enough room to see your family or friends while sitting at the table. We do not recommend large balloons or displays more than four balloons for this height.

Personalised Balloons

Looking for that personal touch? That's what personalised balloons are for!

Just Because can add your own personal message or logo to just about any foil, bubble or orbz balloon. Available in both handwritten glitter on foils to computer cut vinyl available on foil, bubble and orbz balloons.

Columns and Table Centrepieces

A Very popular balloon option has been our columns and table centrepieces! They are especially great if you are looking for something to fill a corner, have a central statement piece or are looking to help to frame a space or in the case of our table centrepieces, are a great and compact way of having something unique and festive for your tabletop! All of these are air filled.

Air-Filled Balloon Displays and Sculpture

For completely bespoke and UNIQUE creations, we highly recommend our air filled sculptures! These can be anything from balloon flower bouquets to HUGE birthday statement pieces. ALL are made to order and unique!

Arches and Organic Garlands

If you'd like to make a HUGE impact, then balloon arches are the way to go. They come in Large, which are about 10-13 feet tall to smaller tabletop arches, which are about 4-5 feet tall from the top of the table. Organic Garlands are made to order based on the length and height required and can either be like a demi-arch or a garland to hand on top of a window. All of these displays are air filled.

Balloon Stuffers / Poppers

Balloon Stuffers are a unique and interesting way of giving your special someone a unique gift. You can put plushie toys, money, candies and more inside! Balloon Poppers are balloons that are intended to be completely popped. You will find your specially selected gifts, confetti and more inside the small balloons inside the big stuffer balloon. Both are available with many options!