Just Because is pleased to offer photography services with Blake Britton Photography.

In addition to passport and ID photos, Blake provides affordable event photography for your weddings, parties or other events. For more information, please visit his website.


Passport / ID / Visa Photos

We can product passport or visa photos for any country in the world and also photos for bus passes and ID Photos.

The cost is just £7 for a sheet of four images or for larger visa photos, two per set.

UK Passport photos include secure PIN code links that can automatically import your passport photos into your passport application.


Copying / Scanning

Copying / Printing

We offer Black & White and Full Colour copying and printing to you for reasonable prices using commercial grade printing. Our Prices are as follows:

  • A4 Size B&W - 8p per page
  • A4 Size Colour - 50p per page
  • A3 Size B&W - 15p per page
  • A3 Size Colour - £1 per page


If you need your documents or photos scanned for printing, email or any other reason, we offer those services as well. Prices for documents are 25p per page or photo and does NOT include any digital editing or alteration.

You will need storage media such as a flash memory drive or portable hard drive to store the documents or images.

If you require services such as editing, spot/tear removal, colour correction, etc, please speak to Blake for pricing by contacting us by telephone at 01903 785933 or through the contact link above.


We do offer faxing services.

Cost is £1 per page.