Balloon FAQ

1What Types of Balloons Do We Carry?
We carry many different types of balloons!

Latex Balloons come in a number of beautiful different colours, designs and celebrations. They look great on their own or accompanied by foil balloons. Typically they only last between 12-20 hours fully inflated and they are usually a more affordable choice. We can use a gel based solution which coats the inside of the balloon to make them last up to 25 times longer! (for a modest fee)

They can be used in table displays, floor displays, balloon arches, columns, balloon artistry, airfilled displays and more! Any colour, any design, any celebration, just ask!

Foil Balloons are made of a plastic or mylar type foil and can usually last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks! We have them in ranges from plain coloured shapes to huge supershape numbers and from basic colours to minions, Avengers and more! If we don't have what you are looking for, we can usually order it, so please don't be afraid to ask!

Bubbles and Orbz are made from a stretchy plastic material and come in a variety of colours and designs.
2How Long Do Our Balloons Float For?
One of the most frequent questions we are asked is "How long will my balloons float for?". To put it simply, it varies.

The regular latex balloons, 11-12" can last about 12-20 hours if untreated. We only use untreated latex balloons in few circumstances, but almost entirely in the case of confetti latex balloons. This is why we only recommend confetti balloons if you are wanting them for the same day as inflation. Our treated 11-12" latex balloons can float from anywhere between 3-30 DAYS, but it's usually between 3-7 days.

Foil balloons are usually floating for a week or longer. Usually between 1-3 weeks, depending on size.

For bubbles and orbz balloons, it's not uncommon to see float times of a month or longer.

For any float times, we cannot guarantee these times, but these are simply based on our real world observations in our years of experience. Actual float times depend on many things such as ambient temperature and handling.

3Do We Inflate Balloons That You Provide?
Yes, but with one caveat: Balloons that are provided to us to inflate come without a guarantee and this once we start to inflate with helium, You are required to still pay for the helium, and this is even if the balloon explodes or has a leak.

4What Colour Balloons Do We Have?
We have quite a few colours. You can almost guarantee that we have most colours available in latex balloons in regular 5" or 11" sizes. Anything larger is subject to special ordering. For Foil balloons, we usually carry the basic colours in three main shapes, star, circle and heart. Any special colours may have to be ordered in.
5How Much Time Do We Require For Order Fulfillment?
With regular number or happy birthday foils, we can usually do them while you wait, as long as we have the stock. For themed parties or requirements of specific colours, we kindly ask that we have at least a week in case we need to order in, preferably longer in case we have to source from multiple or more specialist suppliers.

As we tell people, the longer the lead time, the better.
6Can We Personalise Balloons?
Of course we can! We offer personalisation on any of our foil, bubbles or orbz balloons. For our foil balloons, personalisation in handwritten glitter writing or computer cut vinyl is available. For bubbles or orbz, we offer computer cut vinyl personalisation.